Arianne Verstraeten

Arianne Verstraeten

I consider myself a 'young' middle-aged woman and love to go for long walks and to meet up with friends and chat over a snack and a drink. As a finance manager I lead a busy life, so I think that if you work and live intensely, you can also enjoy life intensely!

And then there is also the motto that you can read under my profile picture on facebook: "The rebel in me will never die ..."

More than a year ago, I got to know the products of Zeitschild by chance. And I have to admit that ever since I kind of became addicted to them! To the extent that I always make sure to have enough stock at home, so as not to run out of products.

For me, skincare doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. I believe in good quality products that work for your skin type.


Why Zeitschild?

My skin type is rather dry, and with the Zeitschild Daycare Rich cream my skin gets all the moisturization it needs, without feeling sticky or unpleasant. Under it I always put the Active Firming serum, which for me is my most favorite product of all: it instantly smoothens my mimic wrinkles, giving me a relaxed and fresh look the whole day long!

At night I first apply the Anti Wrinkle serum (my anti-aging number 1 product), for the long-lasting boost it gives to my skin. I then wait a minute or so, so that the serum can better absorb in my skin, before applying the Night Repair cream. Even though it’s a richer cream, fortunately no sticky feeling before I smudge my face in my pillow .

Want to hear about another ‘Why Zeitschild’ reason? I simply adore the  beautiful packagings, looking fancy on my bathroom shelf!!

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